I'm a 22 y/o lover of cartoons and Nintendo. Currently attempting to conquer an art building and eventually achieve my goal of working in animation. You can find me prancing around Disneyland most Sundays.

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Wondercon: Day 2 
This was more of a “wander aimlessly and see what happens” day, tho I did go to this neat Hanna-Barbera panel. Found my friend Jessie today and got pretty art from her (the Wreck-it Ralph/Star Wars and Gravity Falls/Ghostbusters). Also found a guy who animated Roger Rabbit! May or may not have geeked with him about how fluidly Roger moves.

Wondercon: Day 1 
Pretty much my Cartoon Network day. Steven Universe had the best panel tho cause Rebecca Sugar played and sang “Giant Woman” and we got to watch the new upcoming episode (which was cute and great). I tried not to buy anything in the dealers hall but then I saw king candy/turbo and the next thing I knew, I spent $20. These things happen!